Types of Paper Products used in Packaging and Material Handling:


Types of Paper Products used in Packaging and Material Handling:

We aspire to be the industry leader in packaging products by providing high-quality goods and services. Crateco was founded by a team of experts with extensive experience in providing high-quality products and services to its clients.


The edge of products on pallets is protected with a paper edge board against the strapping, stretch film, and other hazards that may occur during storage or shipping.

These are called corner boards, edge boards, edge protectors and angle boards. These products are applied to the corners of pallet loads to protect them from sharp edges while also stabilizing the pallet. Crateco is one of the best Paper product distributors in Dubai.

Honeycomb core for doors:

Honeycomb cores differ in strength and stiffness from paper and card for low-strength, low-load applications (such as residential internal doors) to high-strength, ultra-lightweight components for aircraft structures.

A high-density cellular core is used to make our honeycomb core for doors. This ensures that the door is fully functional while still being light and an effective alternative for your home. This low-cost solution is quite adaptable, as it comes in bi-fold and multi-fold forms and can be produced to order in a wide range of sizes. When it comes to the face material, you can choose from the commercial prime coat, light commercial prime coat, prime coat MDF, or SPM for the interior doors, and Tempered Hardboard, A’Bond Paint Ply, or SPM for the external doors.

Honeycomb Board:

Honeycomb Board by Crateco is a 100% recyclable carton product.  This lightweight product has good cushioning properties and provides protection while transporting packaging and other applications.
The honeycomb board can be easily shaped or cut into the precise elements needed for its intended usage. It’s the ultimate packaging material replacement for non-renewable resources like wood and expanded polystyrene (EPS). Honeycomb Board is a 100% recyclable alternative to non-recyclable packaging materials.

High-quality, 100% recyclable items created from laminated compact carton board utilizing cutting-edge innovation and self-developed technology. Crateco, paper product suppliers in Dubai are skilful in resourcing products to meet the needs of digital companies.