Honeycomb Pallets – Why Are These Pallets the Best Choice?


Honeycomb pallet is manufactured on the basis of a natural honeycomb structure. The corrugated foundation paper is glue bonded into countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons to form an integrated force-bearing portion. The paper core is glued on both sides with facial paper to create a novel sandwich construction comprised of ecologically beneficial and energy-saving components.

Honeycomb pallet is extensively employed in many sectors as a new form of sandwich construction material, such as transportation packing, pallets, liners, and other equipment. What is the appeal of honeycomb cardboard packaging? What additional benefits does it provide besides environmental protection? Honeycomb cardboard is a novel type of packaging manufactured from 100% wood pulp kraft paper. It is ecologically friendly and green, with simple and elegant packaging, and it is very handy and quick to use. What manufacturers of honeycomb paper boards are acceptable for honeycomb cardboard packaging? Is honeycomb cardboard excellent for package cushioning?

What are the benefits of honeycomb cardboard packaging?

  • The packaging made of honeycomb cardboard panels is light in weight, uses fewer resources, and is less expensive. Honeycomb paperboard provides a better strength-to-quality ratio than other boards due to the properties of the honeycomb sandwich structure. It employs fewer materials to provide the same performance, thereby lowering production costs. This is also a consideration for company owners when selecting packing materials.
  • Honeycomb pallet packaging has high strength and a smooth surface. Because the honeycomb sandwich structure is stable and difficult to distort, honeycomb pallets provide excellent compression and bending resistance.
  • Packaging constructed from honeycomb paperboard machines has outstanding impact resistance and cushioning. Because external pressures are unavoidable during transportation, the honeycomb pallet, which is primarily formed of flexible paper core and face paper, has more toughness and resilience and offers superior cushioning for the covered objects.

For what applications are honeycomb cardboard panels suitable?

  • Honeycomb pallet packaging is commonly utilized in the packaging of cosmetic goods, ceramic crafts, and gift items. At the moment, the honeycomb pallet packaging produced by the honeycomb packaging machine is 30cm wide, 50cm wide, and the length ranges from 50m to 250m. The honeycomb wrapping paper is stretched into a three-dimensional honeycomb unit that is layered together when wrapped, and it has excellent cushioning and stress absorption properties.

Do honeycomb cardboard panels provide enough packing and cushioning?

  • The honeycomb cells of the honeycomb pallets are layered and staggered together, providing not only superior cushioning and protection but also making it difficult to slide. Honeycomb cardboard packaging does not require additional tape or rope to secure it, and it may be packaged instantly after wrapping and protection. When packaging cosmetics and presents, honeycomb pallet packaging can be embellished with ribbons and twine to improve the beauty of the box and the customer’s unpacking experience.