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Plastic Pallets in Dubai

6 Runner Pallet | 1200 x 1000 x 150 mm

Any business that handles the shipping of products should ensure that plastic pallet is a part of their material handling equipment. Crateco’s plastic pallet makes sure, the products reach their destination safely, makes easier shipping, this will reduce the need of other packaging materials.

Crateco plastic pallets is an economical solution for complex heavy duty purpose. These plastic pallets are specially designed for high load bearing capacity with excellent bending strength. Printing and Embossing options are available. These plastic pallets are ideal for storage & Transport of food food products, Medicinal goods, Valuable items, Sophisticated items and all other industrial related products. Crateco’s plastic pallets are strong & durable pallets. Specially designed runners for heavy usage. To ensure the racking application, these plastic pallet can be reinforced with metal rods to increase the dynamic load and racking load capacity.

Other names for this product:

These pallets are also called as Heavy duty Plastic pallet, 6 Runner Plastic Pallet and Racking Plastic Pallet.

  • Item Code: CC6R 1210-01
  • Dimension: 1200 L x 1000 W x 150 H mm
  • Loading Capacity: 6000 KG (Static) | 1500 KG (Dynamic) | 500 KG (Racking) 1250 KG with 4 reinforced steel bars
  • Material: HDPE | PP
  • Color:

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