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Ingredient Bin

Ingredient bin is a perfect solution for storing large quantities of dry ingredients under counters or in storage areas or racks. Specially designed durable lid is to lock in freshness while keeping contaminants out. Crateco provides amazing PET scoop along with the ingredient bin to help dispense the products.This ingredient bin is the perfect bulk storage solution your kitchen needs. The scoop is placed in one designated area to reduce the risk of cross contact between the food and food container. Safe for Storage, Transportation and measuring food capacity. Ingredient bin allows for quick content identification because of the clear body and marks. Can keep food fresh and good quality by using the tight clasp. 3”castors make the bin moving easily from kitchen to different places. These are also called as Flour Bin, Kitchen Storage Bin and Ingredient Bin.

  • Item Code: CCGI-10
  • Dimension: 750 L x 410 W x 745 H mm
  • Volume: 102 L
  • Material: PC/PP

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