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spare parts bin 515x310x200-mm
Spare Parts Bin | Bin E | 515 L x 310 W x 200 H mm
Spare Parts Bin | Bin E | 515 L x 310 W x 200 H mm

Spare Parts Bin | Bin E | 515 L x 310 W x 200 H mm

Crateco Spare Parts Bins are partially open at the front side provide easier handling for the storage of components and spare parts. Spare parts bins are mainly used for the storage of Tools, Cosmetic, Parts, Toy, Jewelry and Pharmaceutical products.

These spare parts bins are used in storerooms and warehouses to keep different products in storage and display. This helps to keep an overview of stock levels and labeling options are also available. In the case of very small items like screws, nuts, bolts, ornaments, etc. shelving space is not always consumed efficiently and a lot of space remains untouched. Spare parts bins are specially designed for an easy solution around this.

Spare parts bin can be used for housing for the storage of small products. This can maximum utilize the storage space available since these boxes are stackable.

Other names for this product:

These bins are also called as Shelving Bins, Racking Bin, Semi-Open Front Storage Containers, Stackable Bin, Bin 5 and Spare Parts Bin.

  • Item Code: CCSPBE
  • Dimension: 515 L x 310 W x 200 H mm
  • Material: HDPE | PP
  • Color:

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